RocketKnight is about supporting reasonable technologies. The good technologies are already there … we just need to grab and use them. Here an interview with the webmaster:


Question: How do you define reasonable technologies and how do you want to support them?


Webmaster: For me there are two fields that are of special interest: GNU software and bicycles, there would be many other intersting things but open source software and bicycles I can support and promote. For example I can show how to use open source software and help to get things up and running. I liked what Judy Hopps said in the movie Zootopia: Life’s a little bit messy. We all make mistakes. No matter what type of animal you are, change starts with you. Sure Judy Hopps is a fictional character and this has been said many times before. Change needs individuals and I have first installed Linux in 1998 and often switched back to Windows the following years for several reasons, one reason was that at the university they embraced .NET in some classes. Today there is really a broad range of mature applications available for Linux – there are simply very few excuses for not using Linux in the home office. There is however a lack of applications for Linux in the field of ERP-software and CAD-software, and that is probably a reason why companies are not switching to Linux, it’s often that administrations and educational institutions embrace open software for example in Spain the city of Valencia or in Germany in Schleswig-Holstein. So I just feel that it is the right time to go out there and say: “Look there is Linux and there is a lot of free software! Use it !”.


Question: But you must admit that open source software has limitations?


Webmaster: Yes, this is especially true when it comes to CAD applications and ERP software. But I believe that things will change eventually – ten years ago it was unthinkable that the majority of the people would carry around a small portable computer in the form of smartphone running Linux.


Question: Why do have an interest in bicycles?


Webmaster: There are surveys that show that many people use the car for very short distances … like to go to the next shop to just pick up some bread and milk. Many people nowadays don’t move enough – a bicycle is just a great way to save the environment and to get some exercise. Today there is a broad range of bicycles available … I mean we don’t live in the early 1980s or the “pre-mountainbike-era” …. now there is a bicycle on the market for everbody.




updated 29 January 2018